BlackBerry twitter clients: Seesmic or UberTwitter?

We can’t deny the fact that Twitter is growing everyday. Twitter is now attached to our everyday life. That’s why it isn’t limited just to the desktop, it’s also on everyone’s phones now. You can access it via your data connection ( use the the mobile website ), or just download a twitter client. One of the most popular smartphones, BlackBerry, also has many twitter clients. The top two are Seesmic, and UberTwitter. I wanted to add OpenBeak to the list, but it’s just horrible. Let’s have a look at the two apps and how they compete with each other in terms of various features.

User Interface – Winner: Seesmic


  Timeline     Tweet view Menu


  Main timeline Tweet view Menu

I like Seesmic’s user interface a lot more then UberTwitter. It’s simple, clean, and polished.

Location Tagging – Winner: UberTwitter


  UberTwitter GeoTagging GeoTagging deatures GeoTagging options


  Seesmic GeoTagging

UberTwitter has more geotagging options. It can use the UberTwitter location tagging, or the default geotagging feature, by Twitter. Seesmic only has the ability to geotag while tweeting.

Which one is better? UberTwitter’s services are better as it offers a lot more different ways to use the geotagging service.

Options – Winner: UberTwitter


Options Options Options Options



Options Options Options

As you can all see, UberTwitter has way more options then Seesmic. Some of the UberTwitter exclusives: Clear Cache, Check For Update, Accounts etc. UberTwitter also has a very important feature which Seesmic doesn’t have, multi-accounts.

Overall Winner

UberTwitter is the clear winner of this comparison. It has a lot more functions and options then Seesmic! But, Seesmic offers an amazing user interface – so amazing, that once they add a little more extra features, I’m going to switch over to it.

Download Seesmic for Blackberry

Download UberTwitter for Blackberry

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