Blackmagic Camera app turns your iPhone into a digital film camera

In the lead-up to IBC 2023, Blackmagic Design has unveiled an exciting innovation set to revolutionize smartphone filmmaking—the Blackmagic Camera app.

This free application promises to transform your iPhone into a digital film camera, allowing users to capture stunning footage with ease. Here’s a closer look at what this groundbreaking app has to offer.

Blackmagic camera

Free Blackmagic Camera app brings cinematic controls to iPhone

Blackmagic Design’s new app, aptly named the “Blackmagic Camera” app, brings digital film camera controls to iPhone users, empowering them to create cinematic, feature-quality content on their mobile devices. Based on the same operating system as Blackmagic’s professional digital film cameras, this app equips iPhone content creators with the tools they need to bring their film and video projects to life. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with the Blackmagic Cloud for global collaboration.

Blackmagic Camera app

While initially designed for the latest iPhones, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Blackmagic Camera app allows users to achieve that sought-after cinematic look found in Hollywood feature films. The app provides easy access to settings like frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO, making it simple to customize your shots with a quick tap.

Moreover, the app enables users to record directly to the Blackmagic Cloud, saving content in industry-standard 10-bit Apple ProRes files at up to 4K resolution. This not only ensures high-quality recordings but also facilitates collaboration through DaVinci Resolve projects.

Advanced features

The Blackmagic Camera app doesn’t stop at basic controls. It also offers advanced settings for monitoring, audio, camera setup, and recording. Users can fine-tune anamorphic desqueeze and lens correction settings, and select professional audio options like VU or PPM audio meters and AAC, IEEE Float, and PCM formats.

Quick setup and easy-to-use

As expected from an iPhone app, ease of use is a significant selling point. The Blackmagic Camera app boasts quick setup, allowing creators to start shooting with minimal delays. The app’s interface is highly interactive, making it effortless to adjust settings, display options, and HUD elements such as record parameters, histograms, focus peaking, levels, frame guides, and more—all with a simple tap on the screen.


Price and availability

The Blackmagic Camera app is available now and free to download from the Apple Store. As users get their hands on it, we can expect a wave of reviews and demonstrations from YouTubers and content creators eager to explore its full potential.

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