BOE likely to miss out on iPhone 15 OLED display orders

Apple’s supplier BOE is reportedly facing technological problems that may prevent the Chinese supplier from producing OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 15 at scale.

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Samsung Display and LG Display to be the sole suppliers of iPhone 15 OLED Panels

According to reports from The Elec and Chosun Biz (via DigiTimes), BOE was expected to supply LTPS OLED panels for two mid-range iPhone 15 models. However, the company has been facing low and unstable yield rates.

BOE is originally expected to supply LTPS OLED panels for application in two mid-range iPhone 15, but has been faced with low and unstable yield rates due to technological problems and thus is almost impossible to start volume production in June 2023.

This setback is expected to leave Samsung Display and LG Display as the only suppliers of iPhone 15 OLED panels, with Samsung Display producing most of the panels due to its higher production capacity than LG Display. Apple had reportedly aimed to bring BOE into the mix to reduce its reliance on Samsung Display, with BOE expected to supply 6.1-inch panels for the upcoming iPhone.

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However, BOE’s issues may not just impact its ability to supply OLED displays for the iPhone 15. According to supply chain reports, Apple is also planning to launch its first iPad models with OLED displays in 2024. Samsung Display and LG Display have reportedly been asked to prepare for production for these displays. BOE, on the other hand, has not received the same request from Apple.

Overall, BOE is facing significant challenges in securing Apple’s OLED display business. With Samsung Display and LG Display set to be the sole suppliers of iPhone 15 OLED panels, it remains to be seen if BOE can overcome its technological problems and compete for Apple’s business in the future.

In related news, it was recently reported that Samsung Display would not be the exclusive provider for any upcoming iPhone 15 models’ displays since Apple is diversifying its suppliers for the lineup.

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