Samsung Display will not be the sole supplier for any iPhone 15 model

According to a recent report, it has been suggested that Samsung Display will not be the exclusive provider of screens for any of the upcoming iPhone 15 models.

Samsung Display iPhone 15

Apple diversifying display suppliers for iPhone 15, Samsung Display may lose out on orders

In the past, Apple has reportedly relied solely on Samsung Display as the supplier for screens on its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus models, while Samsung Display was also attempting to secure orders for iPad OLEDs.

However, display analyst Ross Young recently tweeted that the upcoming 2023 iPhone lineup will have multiple suppliers for each model, marking a departure from the exclusive supplier arrangement in the iPhone 14 series. Young did not provide further details on his source of information, but he is known for his expertise in the display industry.

This update follows a report from September 2022, which stated that Apple had shifted more iPhone 14 Pro screen orders to Samsung. It is worth noting that previous iPhone models have used multiple screen suppliers, making this a return to previous sourcing strategies for Apple.

Overall, the reports indicate that Apple is diversifying its suppliers for the iPhone 15’s screens and planning significant upgrades to its display technology, which could make for a highly anticipated release.

On the topic of displays, it is widely expected that Apple will expand the Dynamic Island to all four models in the iPhone 15 lineup this year. Currently, Dynamic Island is exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has previously said that the Dynamic Island will be available on all iPhone 15 models. Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young has also corroborated this claim in a separate statement. 

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