Bring Google Reader Feeds to OS X Notification Center with Reader Notifier

If you use Google Reader and own a Mac, then Reader Notifier is the app you should be interested to try. Reader Notifier is a small free utility for Mac that allows you to use your Mac Notification Center as an RSS Feed reader to make sure you don’t miss any updates from your favorite blogs.RN.175x175-75

When installed, the app notifies you as soon as you have any new unread items in Google Reader and displays their titles with excerpts in Notification Center allowing you to quickly read them in your browser without going to Google Reader’s interface by clicking on any of the items. If you missed any notifications, worry not, as you can access past alerts with a simple click or swipe. You can change the style of alerts to your liking from the settings of Notification Center.


Since Reader Notifier is a menu bar application so there is no dock icon associated with it and can only be accessed with its icon in the menu bar.

Reader Notifier app is available for download for free in Mac App Store. The app is very small and does not take much of space so it worth a try if you want to keep up to date on breaking news. Of course, you need a Google Reader account to use this app.

Download Reader Notifier (Mac App Store Link)

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