Buy iPhone 3GS For $50 Only At AT&T!

Wow! This sounds real sweet for someone looking for a late New Year present. AT&T has just announced a massive price drop on iPhone 3GS handsets to a mere $50, starting from tomorrow. It seems that the move is aimed at competing with certain smartphones such as Nokia communicator, Motorola RAZR, some older Blackberrys and a handful of cheaper Android cellphones. This definitely will turn out to be a big challenge for all the major brands in the smartphone market.


Reportedly, both new and upgrade-eligible existing AT&T customers will be able to get an iPhone 3GS for this price.

Below is the AT&T press announcement:

AT&T Announces iPhone 3GS for $49.00

DALLAS, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — AT&T* today announced a new price for the popular iPhone 3GS — $49.00 — available beginning tomorrow, Friday, January 7, for both new and upgrade-eligible existing AT&T customers. The offer will be available online at, across more than 2,200 AT&T retail locations nationwide and through AT&T business channels, as well as Apple channels.**

Available only on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network, iPhone 3GS delivers the following advantages unique to AT&T and its customers:

* Allows for true smartphone multi-tasking, such as talking and using applications at the same time, on AT&T’s mobile broadband network

* Provides access to our entire national Wi-Fi network with nearly 23,000 hotspots

* Provides the best global coverage with wireless voice and data access in more than 200 countries

“We want to deliver the best, most complete package for our customers — from price, to speed, to worldwide access and more,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Combined with our new, lower monthly data plans beginning at just $15 a month, this new price brings even more value to one of the most popular devices in our leading lineup of smartphones. We’re very excited for more people to experience iPhone on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.”

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