Buy MoKo Case for iPad Air 4, iPad Air 5 at 15% off – Deal

There are many companies that advertise and market their back covers for Apple products. When it comes to the products of the Cupertino tech giant, consumers look for covers that provide the best and toughest protection that any case can offer. With this in mind, this MoKo case for iPad Air 4th, and iPad Air 5th-gen is worth giving a shot.

MoKo case for iPad Air 4, and iPad Air 5

Buy iPad Air 4, and iPad Air 5 case by MoKo

Buy: MoKo back case for iPad Air 4, and iPad Air 5

Custom designs can be added to the iPad Air 5th-gen, and iPad Air 4th-gen models. The case also includes accurate cutouts for easy access to all features and controls. The material of the cover is made of thermoplastic polyurethane which offers protection of the highest levels.

There is also a side opening for Touch ID to function well without any hassle along with a built-in magnetic strip. The case will automatically wake up the device when the lid is open, and will put the device to sleep when the lid is closed. This feature protects and extends battery life.

MoKo case for iPad Air 4, iPad Air 5

With a durable PU leather exterior, soft microfiber lining, and soft TPU back shell, this iPad 10.9-inch case provides full body protection against fingerprints, bumps, shocks, scratches, and dust. The MoKo case is slim and lightweight, the design adds minimal bulk while protecting your precious iPad Air.

The simple design with a translucent frosted back cover allows you to see the icon through your favorite colors. The MoKo case is available in a variety of extravagant colors like lavender purplemidnight green, blue starry skycoreopsisdreamy nebuladreamy purple and pink, and more.

The MoKo back cover for your precious iPad Air 4, and iPad Air 5 is available for only $12.74, saving up to 15% on this deal!

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