iCloud users continue to be impacted by Calendar spam, despite Apple’s fixes

Despite Apple’s attempts to offer solutions to combat Calendar spam invitations, many users are still experiencing the issue on their iPhones. Calendar spam causes the native iOS calendar apps to be filled with events that users have not set themselves. Interacting with spam invitations lets spammers know the email is active and valid so they can proceed to target the account.

iCloud calendar spam

Calendar spam issue continues to affect iCloud users

Spam invitations on iCloud Calendar have persisted for several years now. In 2016, where the problem was at its height, Apple said that it was “actively working to address this issue” by “identifying and blocking suspicious senders.” In the same year, Apple also introduced a spam reporting feature in the Calendar app which could help it deal with scammers from its side.

On June 4, the tech giant posted a YouTube video to Apple Support with instructions on how to remove spam from the Calendar app. The video has amassed more than 97,000 views so far signaling that the problem is widespread. Note that the video does not offer any insight into what measures users can take to prevent receiving the invitations in the first place.

We do not know when Apple will offer a permanent fix for the issue. Until then, users can remove spam calendar events through the guidelines offered by Apple. Another method some users have discovered to be helpful is redirecting calendar invitations to their email rather than an in-app calendar invitation. This does not prevent future Calendar spam, but it does make it easier for users to manage spam and delete it in bulk.

The best measure users can take to prevent spam of any kind is to make sure they thoroughly read pop-up notifications in Safari. Have you experienced spam calendar invitations? Let us know in the comments.

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