iPadOS 15 significantly improves iPad experience by running iPhone apps in landscape mode

Announced at WWDC 21, iPadOS 15 brings a ton of meaningful enhancements to the user experience on iPad with the introduction of features like App Library, Widgets, improved Split Screen management, and more. With the software update, iPhone apps can now run in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. This improves the iPad experience significantly, especially for users who use Apple’s Magic Keyboard with the tablet experience

iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15 allows users to run iPhone apps in landscape mode

iPadOS 15 allows users to run iPhone apps in landscape mode rather than in portrait mode. Users have been asking Apple for this functionality since the tablet was released in 2010. The issue is particularly infuriating for users with Apple’s Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard as most apps cannot be used on iPad in a vertical frame.

Starting this fall, when users open an iPhone app on an iPad running iPadOS 15, the app will open in landscape mode and will respect the device’s orientation.  As soon as Instagram releases a native version for the operating system, users can even use the app in landscape mode without being forced to switch to portrait mode.

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Note that users will witness large black borders on either side when using apps without a dedicated interface for iPad. This might cause an annoyance for users who have to regularly use iPhone apps on iPad. Keep in mind, developers will not have to change their apps for users to access them in landscape mode as the change is automatic. This means users will be able to use the feature right away after launch.

Though it is surprising a simple orientation change took this long to debut on iPad, it is still good news for users who rely on the tablet for everyday use. Improved support for iPhone apps on iPadOS is a good initiative on Apple’s side. iPadOS 15 will officially be rolled out for the general public this fall, and a public beta will be made available in July

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