Catch Simulator for Pokémon Go lets users practice Pokéball throws

For Pokémon trainers who run out of Pokéball rather quickly, Catch Simulator for Pokémon Go is a helpful app. The app simulates capturing Pokémon so users can practice without wasting valuable Pokéball in the real game.

Catch Simulator offers the entire capture process for all 151 Pokémon. The app documents capture and flee rates of every Pokémon and also provides comprehensive capture analysis of users’ practice sessions.

The app offers four modes of difficulty (easy, normal, hard and disaster) to choose from.

Go Simulate 2

After choosing the desired mode, users are directed to the Pokémon selection section of the app, where all the Pokémon are listed with their catch and flee rates. In this section, users can either select specific Pokémon or all to practice catching them with perfect throws.

Go Simulate 1

After selecting a Pokémon, the app will take the user to the catch simulator. Like the game, the catch simulator has an augmented reality mode. However, the app’s avatar is a honey bee with Pokemon’s name caption. The avatar behaves the same way as Pokémon in the game, and as per the catch and flee rates, escapes from the ball multiple times and jumps to evade capture.

Go Simulate 3

Upon closing the catch simulator, users are led to the Capture analysis section. It provides a very detailed breakdown of a user’s performance.

GS 4

The app has simple graphics and we found it difficult to practice different types of throws. For example, even when the ball was shot at the head of the avatar within the closing yellow or orange circle, the app still counted it as a Nice throw. Another annoying thing is the ads. Every time users will close the capture simulate to get to the analysis section, they will be welcomed with an ad. It can slow down things and get annoying.

Catch simulator is available in the App Store for Free and requires iOS 7.0 or later.  It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Since it is a free app, Catch Simulator is a good tool to spend time on perfecting throws, when one can not go out to play Pokémon Go.

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