Check your Google+ Stream right from your Mac’s Menubar!

Are you a Google+ addict yet? Checking the site constantly during the day? Then this new app is just for you. From the creators of Facetab, comes a new Menubar app just for Google+, named Tab for Google+.

In this new app, you can interact with your Google+ account, similar to how you would in a web browser. You can check your stream to see what your friends are up to. You can see the photos they have posted. You can view your Circles and your own profile. You can even view your recent Notifications. One thing missing is Growl support for notifications, which I am hoping them implement soon.

The app is currently ad supported, as it is not an official Google app. The ads are not noticeable, but some may not like the fact they see ads.

You can download Tab for Google+ from the Mac App Store here. I’ve been using it for a couple days now and enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly check the app.

Also, if you are a Facebook fanatic too, then you should also check out Facebox Pro, also a free download from the Mac App Store here. This app provides the same functionality with Facebook, allowing you to check your feed and notifications.

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About the Author

David is a Systems Engineer by day and a Competitive Triathlete on the weekends. He is an avid Apple fan who also loves everything Google. He writes on everything and loves to share news with fellow techies.


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