Chrome 92 for iOS gains full page screenshots, design updates and Face ID lock for incognito tabs

Chrome 92 for iOS has been released by Google with a bunch of new features and updates. The browser now supports full page screenshots, Face ID lock for incognito tabs, minor design improvements, and more.

Chrome 92 for iOS

Chrome 92 for iOS features new design tweaks, tab switcher improvements, full page screenshots and lock for incognito tabs

The new full page screenshot feature utilizes the markup feature in iOS and works just like it does for Safari. Simply capture a screenshot and switch to the ‘Full Page’ tab when you see the markup tool for screenshots.

Another new feature added to Chrome is security for incognito tabs. Users can now enable a setting to lock their incognito tabs using Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode. When Chrome is closed and reopened, incognito tabs will not reopen without authentication. This provides a level of privacy and does not allow anyone to access your private browsing session.

The Tab Switcher has also received some attention. It still has the same old design but it now asks for confirmation if you try to close all tabs to prevent losing your browsing session. Even if you do so, there is an undo button that lets you revert back. You can also long-press on any of the tabs in the tab switcher to bring up a menu that lets you share, bookmark, or add the tab to your reading list.

The design updates in Chrome 92 are very minor and simply bring the browser look and feel up to date with iOS 15, with more rounded sections and lists. These design tweaks apply to the Discover section on New Tab Page, Settings, History, and Bookmarks.

Google has also listed stability and performance improvements in the release notes for Chrome 92 for iOS.

Chrome has also received an update for Mac which brings new Chrome Actions to allow quick access to safety checking, sync, and security settings. Improvement to Site Isolation now disallows extensions from sharing processes with each other, while Phishing Detection improvements make it 50 times faster than before, and drain less battery too. This update also includes a new back/forward cache that loads webpages quicker than ever when navigating back and forth between them.

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