Chuck Norris Facts app released for Windows Mobile at last!

We don’t know about you guys but we’re really huge fans of Chuck Norris, and we just love the Chuck Norris facts app on the iPhone. And now finally the app’s available for Windows Mobile platform as well!


We just enjoy reading Chuck Norris facts in our free time, it feels great to have some one on earth who round house kicks the crap out of everything for no reason. The Chuck Norris app for Windows Mobile is surely a treat to Chuck Norris fans around the globe. The app features an option to send any fact to an awesome friend just like you! But the only catch for now is that the app supports only WVGA resolutions, we really want this app to run on every type of screen resolution or fans will be disappointed. You can follow Chuck Norris on Twitter otherwise he’ll follow you! Download the app for Windows Mobile from this link. [via XDADevelopers]

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