Clamcase Shell turns the iPad into a laptop

The iPhone and iPod got so many accessories that people got confused with which one to buy. Most of them are just too cool to decide from, and now the iPad is getting the same treatment. Different manufacturers are coming up with unique accessories for the iPad. For instance, a shell casing by Clamcase which turns your iPad into a laptop, how cool is that?


The design looks really awesome! The shell transforms your iPad into a really sleek looking mini laptop, almost a netbook, although it won’t be fair to call the iPad a netbook because it does more than what a netbook is capable of. The shell has a Bluetooth keyboard which is synced to the iPad and the iPad itself is housed on top of the shell. And to our surprise, the keyboard folds backwards and you can use the shell as a stand for the iPad. We can expect the Clamcase Shell to be available this Fall. Check out the demo video and see the Clamcase shell in action. Though the video is all rendered and not real, but the shell does look cool to play around with. Do visit Clamcase’s website, though it doesn’t offer anything yet but keep on hitting back for updates if there are any.

[via MacRumors]