Clicks Technology introduces Blackberry-inspired keyboard case for iPhone

In a nod to the nostalgia of BlackBerry’s physical keyboard era, Clicks Technology has unveiled its latest innovation, the Clicks keyboard case for iPhone.

This groundbreaking accessory combines a protective case with a fully functional physical keyboard, designed to enhance the iPhone experience. Scheduled to debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, this accessory promises to bring back the tactile joy of typing while maximizing screen real estate.

Clicks iPhone keyboard case

Clicks keyboard case for iPhone 14 and 15 allows users to maximize screen real estate

The Clicks keyboard case integrates seamlessly with the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and Pro Max as it supports both Lightning and USB-C connectors. Priced at $139, it is available for pre-order and is set to ship starting February 1.

Design and compatibility

Designed by a team of industry veterans, including former employees from Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, the Clicks keyboard case features a sleek and intentional design. It connects to iPhones like a Backbone controller, providing a secure fit and ensuring easy attachment.

While the Clicks keyboard case adds some bulk to the iPhone, the benefits of a physical keyboard, including faster and more accurate typing, are expected to outweigh any potential inconvenience. The case supports wireless charging and maintains compatibility with MagSafe accessories.

Tactile typing experience

The Clicks keyboard offers a complete set of real buttons, providing users with an alternative to the virtual keyboard and delivering a tactile typing experience reminiscent of older devices.


Increased screen real estate

Designed with content creators and multitaskers in mind, the Clicks keyboard case maximizes screen real estate by removing the on-screen virtual keyboard. This innovative approach doubles the available space for content immersion, empowering users to engage with their iPhones more efficiently.

No batteries or Bluetooth

Clicks prioritizes user convenience by eliminating the need for separate batteries or Bluetooth pairing. The keyboard draws power directly from the iPhone, ensuring a hassle-free experience. This feature, combined with the absence of a physical connection, enhances the Clicks keyboard’s portability and ease of use.

iPhone keyboard case

Backlit keyboard for night typing

Addressing the needs of users on the go, the Clicks keyboard case includes a backlit keyboard for low-light typing situations. This thoughtful addition enhances usability and convenience, allowing users to maintain productivity in various environments.

iOS keyboard shortcuts

Incorporating powerful iOS keyboard shortcuts, Clicks empowers users with improved navigation and task handling on their iPhones. This feature contributes to a seamless and efficient mobile experience, further bridging the gap between traditional physical keyboards and modern touchscreens.

Founder’s Edition exclusive benefits

The Clicks Founders Edition, available in BumbleBee and London Sky colors, offers exclusive benefits to early adopters. These include VIP support and early access to future releases, providing a unique and privileged experience for Clicks enthusiasts.

CES 2024: hands-on experience

For those eager to explore the Clicks keyboard case in person, the opportunity awaits at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Starting with the ShowStoppers press event on January 9, attendees can gain a firsthand look at this innovative accessory that aims to redefine the iPhone typing experience.

Check out the keyboard case in action below:

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