Apple Vision Pro’s display could turn you into a digital avatar

A new patent has helped shed light on the potential external display features of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. The patent, granted to Apple and with design guru Jony Ive listed as one of the inventors, suggests the Vision Pro’s external display could offer more than just a glimpse of the wearer’s eyes.

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External display of Vision Pro could project weather forecasts, do not disturb signs, and more

Apple’s patent outlines the possibility of using the external display to show what the wearer is looking at inside the Vision Pro. This innovative feature could have various applications, such as allowing parents to monitor the content their children are consuming on the headset or indicating when the user is taking pictures or recording videos in outdoor settings.

The patent goes beyond the initial EyeSight feature, which displays the wearer’s eyes or VR immersion patterns. Playful examples in the patent illustrations include displaying sunglasses, weather forecasts, ‘do not disturb’ signs, and even replacing the wearer’s eyes with Zoom call icons. While these ideas add a touch of fun, the practicality of such features remains to be seen.

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While the proposed features enhance user interaction, they also raise privacy concerns. The ability for others to see what app or feature is being used on the headset could be a double-edged sword. Apple must carefully consider the balance between user customization, parental controls, and potential privacy risks before implementing these features into visionOS.

As exciting as these features sound, it’s crucial to note that a patent doesn’t guarantee their inclusion in the Vision Pro’s initial release. Apple’s long-term vision for the external display may evolve. With the Vision Pro expected to hit the shelves in the coming weeks, users eagerly await confirmation on which features will make it to the final product.

Apple’s Vision Pro aims to push the boundaries of wearable tech, not just with its core performance and experience but also by envisioning the external display as a versatile communication tool. Whether these illustrated EyeSight expansions become a reality or remain early concept brainstorming, it is clear that Apple is exploring ways to make the external display a dynamic component of the Vision Pro headset.

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