New “ComputeModule” device discovered in iOS 16.4 code hypes M2 Mac Pro launch

The only computer Apple has not yet transitioned to its custom silicon is Mac Pro, a powerful and expensive desktop computer. Although the company has announced that the launch of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro is imminent, it has kept information on the model in tight wraps until now.

9to5Mac has found a new “ComputerModule” device in the iOS 16.4 developer disk image in Xcode 16.4 beta which is speculated to be the “missing piece to Apple’s modular Mac Pro plans”, along with the Apple mixed reality headset’s processor, or Raspberry Pi- like device.

Mac Pro

ComputerModule found in iOS 16.4 beta could power Mac Pro expandability: graphics & SoP

According to the report, the Compute Module is a new device class that is capable of running iOS or its variant and has two Compute Modules: ComputeModule13,1 and ComputeModule13,3. It is expected that the discovered component will open the door for future graphics expandability.

A Compute Module, therefore, could be the answer for future graphics expandability. Instead of a traditional GPU, when it’s time to upgrade, users could install a new Compute Module, or whatever Apple’s crack marketing team decides to name it, inside the modular Mac Pro. These modules could be exclusively tied to graphics performance.

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It is also possible that the new component is an entire system on a package (SOP) that can be easily replaced or upgraded when new chips are launched like M3 Apple Silicon.

…or they could be the entire system on a package in an easily-swappable modular interface. When Apple reveals the M3 Ultra several years from now, instead of purchasing a brand new Mac Pro, might the user buy a new M3 Ultra Compute Module instead? Customers could then swap out the old module for the new one and instantly have access to the latest and greatest performance.

Previously, it was reported that the new Apple Silicon Mac Pro was being tested on macOS 13.3 and will feature the same design as its 2019 predecessor. Having said that it is expected to launch this year.

Last week, Apple seeded iOS 16.4 beta 1 to developers and beta testers with new features and improvements like Safari web push notifications, emojis, HomeKit Architecture, Focus mode, and more.

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