Concept video shows Apple’s CarPlay in Tesla Model 3

There have been plenty of rumors circulating since last month that the Cupertino tech giant might be looking to get into the automobile industry. There are still some years before an Apple Car might launch, but that has not stopped the excitement from concept creators. 

A graphics designer has created a distinctive Apple Car concept that shows what it would look like with a large 15-inch center console like Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

Tesla Model 3 concept

A concept video shows CarPlay in Tesla Model 3

John Calkins, a graphics designer, shared a video on YouTube named ‘Apple’s Auto UI Concept’ yesterday. The concept is based on the idea of what ‘if Apple made the Tesla Model 3’? Even though Apple is confirmed to be in talks with auto manufacturers like Hyundai and Elon Musk shared that Tim Cook turned down a meeting to buy Tesla years ago, it is still fun to imagine what an Apple Car interior could look like.

Tesla Model 3 concept

Calkin’s concept shows a buffed version of CarPlay, in a good way. The Tesla Model 3 uses a 15-inch center-mounted touch screen, so this is quite like bringing a MacBook Pro to a car and combining the rest of the required auto interfaces with the current version of CarPlay available.

Tesla Model 3 concept

The concept Apple Car uses a dock on the left-hand side like CarPlay features now, however with the screen size it gives the vibe of a larger iPad Pro mixed with macOS Big Sur.

The concept car contains Apple’s polish and attention to detail but the car itself, driving visualizations, and overall layout are inspired by Tesla’s existing experience.

You can check out the video below and let us know your views in the comments below!

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