Connected Is An Awesome App for iPhone and Apple Watch That Works With LIFX, Estimote and Myo

Connected is an app for iPhone and Apple Watch which lets you take control of your Internet of Things devices which include LIFX, Estimote and Myo. It also allows users to automate their functionality using different recipes and places. Users can also provide access to friends for temporary control of their devices.

Although LIFX, Estimote and Myo all provide official apps to enable control of their connected devices, Connected combines them all under one interface. The app uses the official APIs provided by the manufacturers so security is dealt with right of the gate. While the iPhone app provides good deal of functionality, the Apple Watch really makes this a must have if you own any of the supported products.

The main feature of the iPhone app is a newsfeed which provided a history of what has been going on with the devices so if you have different users controlling them, all of them will show up in the timeline. The devices section provides detailed controls of each product you own, so if you have a LIFX bulb, you get the same color controls as the official app, enabling you to control it completely without having to go to the official app. You can also send messages to your devices, similar to tweets, to control them.

One of my favourite features of the app is that you can use recipes, which work similar to how IFTTT works. You can set custom actions for your individual devices based on your location, by creating a geofence, or by setting actions at certain timings during the day. The recipes feature has been done well and really make sit easy for you to just set it and have peace of mind that your devices will follow them. If you have Myo, you can also combine gestures with certain actions to control your devices.

Different profiles can also be created in the Places section of the app which allows you to geofence locations such as your home or work, or different rooms in your home, and add or remove users or provide them administrative privileges.

The Apple Watch app has a Glance which quickly shows you the current status of your devices. The app itself allows you full controls on your wrist by enabling you to  turn your devices on or off, change their settings, see the news feed or even use voice controls to perform such actions.

The app is a must have if you own an Apple Watch along with any of the devices. The wearable is very well made and really provide a lot of carefully thought out functionality in a small package. The app actually is more useful and functional than some of the official apps form the manufacturers.

My only gripe with the app is the lack of helpful support documentation. Non-technical users might require some help in setting it up and making the most out of its useful feature set.

Connected is available in the app store for $1.99 for iOS 8.0 devices.

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