GA.TODAY is a Must Have Google Analytics Widget for iPhone Users With Websites

GA.TODAY is a simplistic but extremely useful Google Analytics widget for iOS notification center. For website or blog owners nowadays, it is important to stay on top of analytics to keep a check on the traffic to their web properties and GA.TODAY serves this need perfectly to provide quick and live updates on current statistics.

GA TODAY is a Must Have Google Analytics Widget for iPhone Users With Websites

GA.TODAY, developed by Ryan Brink, does not attempt to do a lot of things at once, which is common with most analytics apps for smartphones. Instead, the widget focuses on providing a quick glance information, with accurate and real time numbers and helpful graphics.

The app itself has a simple set of features. Apart from logging in and selecting the websites to show the information for, the metrics can be selected which are broken down into realtime metric, secondary metric and graph metric. Metrics range from users, page views and sessions to events and conversions. There is a refresh button but you would rarely need to use that after initial setup. Once you add the widget to your notification center, it blends right within the iOS 8 user interface, without any unnecessary colors or decorations. Here, you can filter the information by day, week or month and also see the selected metrics right in the widget.

Everytime you swipe down the notification center and bring the GA.TODAY widget into view, it automatically refreshes. You have to tap the downward facing arrow to expand the graph into view. Drag a finger right or left on the graph line, and you can see precise information for that particular time.

I’ve been using the widget for a long time now and cannot imagine not having it on my notification center. The only thing that could make this better would be an Apple Watch version.

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Download GA.TODAY Lite for iPhone

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