‘Play by the rules’: Craig Federighi warns developers to follow iOS 14 anti-tracking rules

Apple’s head of software engineering, Craig Federighi, has warned developers that if they do not “play by the rules” when it comes to the upcoming anti-tracking features in iOS 14, their apps will be forcibly removed from the App Store.

iOS 14 introduced several new privacy features to iPhone which are aimed at giving users more control over their personal information. These privacy features in iOS 14 include the ability to share proximate location, requiring developers to report data collection, camera and recording indicators, and more.

iOS 14 allow tracking

Apple’s Craig Federighi warns developers to follow iOS 14 anti-tracking rules

As reported by The Telegraph:

“Developers will be kicked off Apple’s App Store if they fail to “play by the rules” of the iPhone’s new anti-tracking policy, Apple’s head of software has said. Craig Federighi, one of Apple boss Tim Cook’s top lieutenants, issued the warning as Apple prepares to introduce an anti-tracking function in its iOS 14 software that advertisers fear will lead to a sharp “drop in mobile revenues.”

Apple’s upcoming privacy feature, which will require advertisers to ask for permission to use a unique digital identifier to track users, has been met by criticism from tech giants like Facebook and Google, who claim the feature could damage their advertising businesses.

iOS 14 Privacy

Federighi told The Telegraph that all apps would have the abide by the tech company’s new rules and that there will be a “policy enforcement” to ensure cooperation. As is the case with all App Store rules, ignoring the rule means the company could have grounds to remove the app from their platform:

“There will be policy enforcement. Any form or mechanism of tracking a user for advertising or for providing information to data brokers will have to ask for permissions. Failure to do so is a violation of App Store policy… and are grounds for having an app removed.”

Federighi also told the publication that the “largest players understand they have to play by the rules here,” despite companies debating with Apple on the specifics of the matter, he believes that they will be able to work toward a solution.

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