‘Death Stranding: Director’s Cut’ to launch on iPhone 15 Pro, M-Series iPads and Macs next week

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions have revealed that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is set to launch on iPhone, iPad, and Mac on January 30. Initially released in 2019, this unique action game by Hideo Kojima gained further acclaim with the recent release of its Director’s Cut, packed with additional content and improved features.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding slated to launch on Apple Devices on January 31 with ray tracing

Death Stranding follows the journey of Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, a courier navigating a world filled with invisible monsters and hostile gangs. The original release garnered mixed to positive reviews with its distinctive “walking simulator” gameplay and Kojima’s dense, cinematic storytelling. The Director’s Cut, launched in 2021, expanded the experience with new locations, extended story missions, and improved cargo and logistics features.

The Director’s Cut is making its debut on select Apple devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models with the A17 Pro chip, as well as M-series iPads and Macs. This marks a strategic move to tap into the potential of Apple’s ecosystem for gaming.

What sets this Apple release apart is the support for advanced graphics features on iPhone 15 Pro models and M3 chips for Macs. With hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading, Death Stranding promises improved graphics rendering, delivering a heightened visual experience on these devices.

The game is currently available for pre-order on the App Store, with a limited-time offer of 50% off, bringing the price down to $19.99 from the regular $39.99. This universal purchase ensures that players only need to buy it once to enjoy the game on multiple Apple devices.

Death Stranding

A sequel to Death Stranding has been confirmed, with a teaser trailer unveiled at The Game Awards 2022. Norman Reedus, along with Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and Léa Seydoux, will return for the highly anticipated continuation of the series.

The game’s compatibility extends to various Apple devices, including specific iPhone and iPad models and Macs with an M1 chip or newer. The Mac version boasts MetalFX Upscaling, providing an alternative to graphics-enhancing technologies like Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR. The file sizes vary, with the Mac version requiring a download of 69.7GB and the iPhone version requiring a more manageable 1.79GB.

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