Dell set to launch their 7inch Tablet in coming weeks

Dell is set to join the tablet wars and compete against the devices like Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. Dell’s Greater China President Amit Midha told The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to launch a new 7-inch tablet within the next few weeks. Apart from this device, they are also planning to launch a 10-inch tablet in about 6 to 12 months just like the current iPad. 

Dell 7inch tablet

He said:

In fact, very much in the near future we’ll be launching the seven-inch tablet as well as the additional three-inch product.

Dell Chief Executive Michael Dell showed their new 7 inch Tablet for a few moments at an Oracle Corp. Conference in U.S about a week ago but didn’t revealed any information about the device or its release date.

Mr. Midha said in an interview:

It was showed off at Oracle World by Michael last week and we’ll be launching very, very soon—within the next few weeks.

Midha further told that the new 7 inch tablet would have Android as its OS. We might also see Microsoft Windows based Dell tablets in the coming future. Apart from this, the company will also consider Chrome OS as another platform for their tablets.

Currently Dell has their 5 inch Dell Streak smartphone which is almost a small tablet, so this new 7 inch tablet will be a big brother of the 5 inch Dell Streak. Their new tablet will compete against the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet which was announced just a few days ago and it will also complete with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab which was also announced just some time ago. It may also have to complete against the rumored smaller iPad which will have some additional new features just like the other new tablets.

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