Disable “Quick Bar” In Twitter 3.3 With Twizzler [Cydia Tweak]

Official Twitter app for iPhone / iPad just got updated to v3.3 and with it came a big annoyance. Yes thats right, I call it a “big” annoyance coz it actually screws up the whole minimalistic design of Twitter iPhone app. Its called the “Quick Bar” or a trend bar, whatever they want us to call it but most definitely, we are not buying it at all. Its basically a translucent notification bar at the top of your timeline that shows Twitter’s beloved and promoted trends (or Ads) which are most of the time, pretty lame. What’s more annoying is that it keeps showing up each time you tap the timeline tab or even when switching between different tabs, duh!


So now the question is, how do we get rid of it? Well the answer is quite simple i.e open up Cydia and download Twizzler, a free tweak that removes the stupid Quick / Trend bar for good from your otherwise favorite Twitter client. Once the tweak is installed, you won’t be annoyed with that translucent bar on your timeline. Enjoy!


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