The Best Twitter Client For iPhone / iPad Got Even Better!

Without a doubt, the official Twitter app for iPhone and Twitter for iPad are the best iOS twitter clients available and the latest update, takes them to another level of goodness. A handful of new features have been added to the official iPhone / iPad twitter app which is available as a single universal binary for free on App Store. These features include easier uploading of photos with better image preview, autocomplete for @usernames and hashtags, auto link shortening, adding twitter friends from your address book and a new trends bar in timeline.


Here are the new features added in Twitter 3.3 update:

– Photos. Uploading photos is now easier than ever. There’s a camera button in the toolbar and we improved the image preview, so you can quickly choose a photo from your library or take a new picture.

– Follow your friends. Now you can find which of your friends are on Twitter that have chosen to be discoverable through the contacts on your phone.

– Local trends. See trends based on your location.

– Shorten links. When you want to share a link on Twitter, just paste it into the Tweet box and we’ll automatically shorten it.

– Tweet box design. We redesigned the “New Tweet” screen so it’s now cleaner and simpler.

– Autocomplete. When tweeting on-the-go, speed and accuracy are important. Autocomplete for @usernames and hashtags help you tweet faster

– Direct Messages. The new Direct Message conversation view helps you better keep track of messages.

Twitter1.PNG Twitter2.PNG

Download Official Twitter 3.3 Update For iPhone / iPad [Direct link]

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