Sony Launches PlayStation Project For Developers To Produce Apps For PC Using Move Controller!

It seems Sony has decided to move into the footsteps of Microsoft after seeing a vastly growing list of Kinect hacks by unveiling a new project for developers called Playstation The aim of this project is to allow the creation of official and innovative applications for PC and PS3 with the help of Move, Sony’s popular motion gaming controller. According to Sony, the project is not at all limited to games rather it expects its Move controller to be used for more than just playing sports games and FPS shooters.


On’s official website, Sony said, isn’t a game. It’s a software server application for the PS3™ system that uses the PlayStation®Move motion controller as an input device. We want to see what innovative applications programmers can create using the PS Move controller, the PS3™ system, the PlayStation®Eye camera, and a PC.

“ is designed for academic researchers, university instructors, college students, programming hobbyists, and HCI developers. Show us how you can take the PS Move beyond traditional gaming.”

To find out more about how to download the PlayStation, visit the official website here.

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