PlayStation Move Assault Rifle Attachment “Sharp Shooter” For KillZone 3 & SOCOM 4 Looks Awesome! [VIDEO]

A great new accessory for PlayStation Move called the “Sharp Shooter” which is scheduled for release on Feb 2011 (with Kill Zone 3) for $39.99, is perfect for hard core gamers who want to experience the most realistic action possible. The Sharp Shooter attachment houses both the Move motion controller as well as the navigation controller to give you complete control over aiming, movement and interaction in any compatible shooting game such as the highly anticipated upcoming KillZone 3 and SOCOM 4.


Check out the following hands-on video of the PS3’s new “weapon of choice” that shows you its functionality and quick n easy setup process:

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter will be launched with KillZone 3 in February and will be compatible with SOCOM 4 (later in 2011) as well as Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Dead Space Extraction and a lot more fps titles. Awesome!

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[via PlayStation Blog]

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