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iPhone 6s has some amazing new animated wallpapers which work with 3D touch. Even though iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have dynamic wallpapers, they will not be getting the new beautiful wallpapers. 

Not sure what the logic is behind this decision by Apple but it cannot be performance since dynamic wallpapers already exist on iPhone 6. Luckily, Apple has put up all the videos of the new wallpapers in action on their website and users from Reddit have taken high quality screen caps to create beautiful still wallpapers.

iPhone 6s wallpapers 5
Using this one on my iPhone 6 Plus

The wallpapers were spread across two Reddit threads. Only a couple of them are from the same videos but they are captured at different moments. These definitely cannot replace the dynamic and fluid wallpapers that Apple has created for its newest iPhones, but they are still good to look at.

Click on the thumbnails below to download them.

P.S. my favorite wallpaper is the black one, shown above.

via Reddit 1, 2

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