iPhone 6s and 6s Plus – All you need to know

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are perhaps the biggest ‘s’ update to any iPhone model released so far. Apple has upped the game by completely revamping the internals. 3D Touch and taptic feedback, 12MP camera, 5MP front camera, fast processor and graphics performance, built using 7000 series aluminum, LTE Advanced and much more. Apple has not left any corner untouched in this new generation of iPhones.

iPhone 6s

Features and specifications

  • Display
    • A brand new Retina HD Display with 3D Touch. The display detects pressure and works with the taptic engine, accelerometer and iOS 9 to enable the cool new 3D Touch feature
    • 3D Touch lets you force touch any icon or element on the screen to open a quick preview or view shortcuts of the content or app. Pressing harder opens that view completely. Similarly, if you press and swipe from the left side of the display, you enter multitasking mode. This is a whole new level of interactivity that does not exist on other smartphones and will be one of the killer features of iPhone 6s
  •  Performance
    • 64-bit A9 chip and M7 co-processor
    • CPU is 70% faster than iPhone 6
    • Graphics are 90% faster than iPhone 6
  • Battery
    • Same as previous iPhone 6 models which were not too bad, to begin with. With iOS 9 providing an additional hour of battery life on all iPhones, it should be good enough
  • Camera
    • A new 12MP iSight camera which is the first time in ages that Apple has moved up from 8MP. The new camera sensor has bigger pixels for sharper and more detailed imagery, even in low light conditions. View the sample gallery here
    • 5MP front camera with Retina Flash. This works like SnapChat but actually has the same true tone technology as the back camera’s flash. Apple has used a custom chip to make the display flash three times brighter to be used as a proper flash
    • OIS is only available for 6s Plus, like the previous generation. However, this time, OIS works with video capture too
    • 4K video capture, editing, and uploading supported for YouTube. With the performance of A9 chip, two simultaneous streams of 4K videos can be edited at a time using iMovie
    • Live Photos. The camera app captures video just before and after a photo is taken. The result can be viewed on the iPhone 6s as well as other Apple devices, such as the new iPad Pro. Live Photos can also be set as wallpaper on iPhone 6s or watch faces on Apple Watch (with WatchOS 2)
  • Colors and 7000 series aluminum
    • iPhone 6s will be available in 4 colors: space gray, silver, gold and a new option, rose gold
    • 7000 series aluminum (imagine it being said in Jony Ive’s voice) is the choice of material used for the iPhone 6s body. It’s supposedly super strong so should survive more bumps and scratches than last generation models

It is mind blowing what Apple has accomplished with 3D Touch and performance improvements. The beauty of these new features is that 3D Touch is not gimmicky at all. After watching the videos, embedded below, watch out for the following:

  • You do not have to swipe back or push a back button many thanks to 3D Touch. With the big screens, this will be more helpful than it seems
  • Provides a new level of multitasking – lets you view information or initiate actions without leaving your current position in the app or OS
  • Fewer taps needed for most actions
  • Home button will be used way less often, especially due to the multitasking gesture.

In terms of performance, 70% and 90% improvements in CPU and GPU performance in just one year is nothing to joke about. Though Apple does not provide information on the clock speed or the number of cores or even the amount of RAM on the phone, you can be assured that A9 chip will provide more performance and efficiency than the competitors who try to boast about hexa and octa-core processors.

The prices for the iPhone 6s are as following, for 2 year contracts:

  • iPhone 6s
    • 16GB: $199
    • 64GB: $299
    • 128GB: $399
  • iPhone 6s Plus
    • 16GB: $299
    • 64GB: $399
    • 128GB: $499

For unlocked models, the prices are;

  • iPhone 6s
    • 16GB: $649
    • 64GB: $749
    • 128GB: $849
  • iPhone 6s Plus
    • 16GB: $749
    • 64GB: $849
    • 128GB: $949

Pre-orders start from September 12.

Here are the announcement videos from Apple’s launch event on September 9:

Reveal Video


Introducing iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 3D Touch


The Only Thing That’s Changed Is



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