Apple posts 8 new ‘Shot on iPhone’ videos

Apple has continued its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign, which started back in 2015, with 8 new videos posted on YouTube. They showcase iPhone 6s and 6s Plus‘ camera capabilities, along with 240fps slow motion video recording and time lapse.

Apple posts 8 new 'Shot on iPhone' videos

The videos appear to be submitted by different people, as their titles suggest, from all over the world. The tiny clips are beautifully captured and simply show off the moments, with no details on the specifications of the camera or technology used to capture them. The videos simply end with the tagline ‘Shot on iPhone’. Some videos are shot with slow motion while others are shot using iPhone’s time lapse functionality.

In typical Apple style, the videos are accompanied by some catchy music. In case any of them interests you, Apple has mentioned the sound track tile for each video in its description.

My favorite video from the bunch? The one with penguins shot by Nicolas D. in Pleneau Bay, Antarctica and aptly matched with “Gossipo Perpetuo” by Jean-Jacques Perrey.

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