Unicode 9 gets 72 new Emojis including clown face, selfie, facepalm and more

Unicode Consortium has announced the addition of 72 new emojis in Unicode 9.0 which will be released on 21st June, 2016. The new emojis range from facepalm, bat, owl, boxer to clown face, a number of fruits and much more.

Unicode 9 gets 72 new Emojis approved
Image via Emojipedia

The Unicode Consortium is a non-profit company that develops, maintains and promotes software internationalization standards (Unicode standards) for all major operating systems, applications and more. Unicode is a standard encoding system which represents texts in all modern software products and standards.

You can have a look at all the new emojis here. Keep in mind that the sample emojis have been created in Apple’s design style and will likely have different visuals on other platforms. The new additions will be released to manufactures this month so it will be interesting to see which major company adds them first to their platform.

Apple has major new operating system updates which it will announce at WWDC so it is possible that they might include these emojis. Facebook had just added 1500 new emojis to its platform while Google is revamping the visuals of its emojis to better looking ones in Android M.

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