Facebook adds 1500 new Emojis to Messenger

Staying abreast with the latest messaging trends, Facebook has launched 1500 new emojis for Messenger that are designed to represent and celebrate the diversity of its users. The new emojis follow one design style which brings consistency to them. This new set of standardized emojis takes cares of different style of emojis received by users on different platforms, such as iOS or Android, by appearing as the same on the recipient’s platform when using Messenger.

Facebook adds 1500 new Emojis to Messenger

Facebook has created a global community and indiscriminately, has brought people from across the globe closer by providing a common platform to communicate with loved ones. And emojis facilitate this informal written communication by adding emotions to words. Therefore, the new emojis are created to cater to the diversity of the world by providing people with options which best represent them.

The new emojis have increased representation for women, variety of skin tones, hair color and designs. The new additions will be introduced to various web and Android products for the first time.

To make a skin color the default color for all the emojis is very easy; once you select your preferred skin color for an emoji, all the other emojis will have the color. However, it is not permanent and you can revert the changes whenever you want. The Emoji picker in Messenger composer helps you choose the most apt emojis for a message while smoothly switching between the text and emoji keyboards.

The new emojis are rolling out now and you can test them right away by going to messenger.com in your desktop browser.

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