Apple Posts New Gallery On Its Website ‘Shot on iPhone 6’

Apple has updated its website with a new gallery page which showcases photos and videos taken by iPhone 6 users from around the world. The content is accompanied with tips, location information and the apps used to snap the photos or post process them.

Apple Posts New Gallery On Its Website  Shot on iPhone 6

The photos are some of the most beautiful that you have ever seen shot with a phone camera. After browsing through the photos and videos, it is hard to believe that the iPhone 6 has such technological capabilities. Along with the hardware/software, credit goes to the creative people who frame these amazing views and edit them to perfection using awesome apps created by a huge developer ecosystem for the iPhone.

The photos are all shot outside and show tips on how readers can also take photos like these. The tips are very simple and helpful – not technical at all. The apps used for these photos are also listed under each photo or video.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, also tweeted about this page

via 9to5mac

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