Download Safari 5.1 With Tons Of new Features [OS X & Windows]

Apple has just released Safari 5.1 with lots of new features and is now available for download for both Mac OS X and Windows users. New features include Multi-touch gestures, Reading List and full screen browsing. There are some new Privacy and security features that have also been introduced. Complete official release of new features in Safari 5.1 is given below:

Reading List

Whenever you come across something interesting on the web, save it to Reading List. Then when you have more time to read articles, watch videos, or shop, your link-filled Reading List is ready and waiting. You can browse through the entire list or see just your unread pages. And Safari Reader lets you see it all in a clean, uncluttered space free from blinking, annoying ads.

Multi-Touch Gestures [Lion]

Multi-Touch is built into Safari on OS X Lion, so you can tap, scroll, and swipe your way around the web. And it’s just as smooth, natural, and fun on the Mac as it is on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Full-Screen Browsing [Lion]

You’ll be even more immersed in the web when you see it full screen with OS X Lion. Web pages take up every inch of your display so there’s nothing to distract you from what’s onscreen. You can open many web pages full screen – dedicate one page for Twitter feeds, one for video, and another for browsing, for example – and swipe back and forth between them. Or open just one web page full screen while other open pages stay the original Safari window size. And it’s just as easy to switch from full-screen browsing back to your desktop.

Privacy Pane

Some websites you visit can leave data on your computer. The new Privacy pane in Safari preferences shows what kind of data websites are storing and lets you remove it. You can also customize cookie settings and choose whether websites can request your location information.


Sandboxing is a security feature that helps prevent websites from tampering with your computer. All the web content and applications you use in Safari on Lion are sandboxed, so websites can’t use exploits to access your system. If a website contains malicious code intended to capture personal data or take control of your computer, sandboxing automatically blocks it to keep your computer and your information safe.

Private AutoFill

Safari makes sure your information is kept private. Whenever you come across a web form, Safari automatically detects it and lets you choose to use AutoFill to complete the form with information from your Address Book. No information is ever added to a form automatically unless you say it’s OK.


When you launch Safari on Lion or restart your Mac, Safari automatically restores the open windows and tabs from your last browsing session. So you can continue right where you left off. On Snow Leopard and Windows, you can choose to have Safari automatically restore your windows in the General pane of Safari preferences.

Downloads Popover [Lion]

It’s even easier to keep track of your downloads with the new Downloads popover in Safari on Lion. When you download a file, an arrow button appears to the right of the Smart Search Field and shows you its progress. Click the button to see the popover and everything you’ve downloaded. You can drag downloads to the desktop or clear them from the popover.

Find Option

When you use Find, you can now choose whether to search for text that either contains or starts with the word or phrase you type in the search field. Click the magnifying glass in the Find search field to switch between the two options.

Better Graphics [Lion]

You’ll see games in all their glory – especially the ones that use the HTML5 Canvas element. Hardware acceleration for HTML5 Canvas means even faster, smoother graphics. And that means more responsive games and web applications – just as the developers intended.

Internet Account Setup

When you first log in to your Google, Yahoo!, or AOL accounts in Safari on Lion, Safari asks if you want to use these accounts with Mail, iCal, iChat, and Address Book. So you’re off to a quick, convenient start.

New Process Architecture

Everything you do in Safari is more stable and responsive. The new process architecture divides the heavy lifting for smoother sailing. One process handles everything coming from or going to the web, while the other manages interactions with the Safari interface – such as creating a bookmark or searching your history. Now an unresponsive website won’t affect Safari, so you can keep browsing and browsing.

Download Safari 5.1 For Windows & Mac

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