Download Vista Contacts gadget for Windows 7

WindowClipping (2)I’m one of those who firmly believe that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best operating system ever. Hell, it’s the best operating system out there. But, Microsoft has done some little blunders with it such as the removal of the calendar application that was introduced in Vista ( I know Windows Live Mail has a calendar but it’s for Windows Live users ), and the removal of some very useful sidebar gadgets such as the Notes and Contacts gadgets. I had put up the notes gadget for download long ago, now I’ve finally managed to get off my bum and extract the Contacts gadget from Vista.

WindowClippingOriginally introduced with the Vista Sidebar, this nifty little gadget loads up all the entries in your contacts folder in Windows and displays them in a phonebook style. It can be collapsed into a narrower view as well which shows just the names of the contacts and a search field but no details. In the expanded view, you can quickly search all your contacts and see their picture, email or phones numbers at a glance. Clicking on the picture opens up further details of the contact allowing you to access information quickly. Likewise, clicking on the email will open up your default email client, so you’re never more than a few clicks away to send out an email to your contacts.contacts gadeget

I’ve been using this gadget on Windows 7 and it works perfectly. You just need to have your contacts directory populated for the gadget to show them. It’s located in this location {your Windows installation drive, probably C:}\Users\{Windows user name}\Contacts. Mine is C:\Users\Hassan\Contacts .

If you have your phone contacts synced with your Windows 7 PC contacts directory, this gadget will be extra handy to quickly find that phone number you’re looking for.

Download Vista Contacts Gadget for Windows 7

[Extract the ZIP file and run Contacts.gadget. It’ll show you a dialogue box asking if you want to install it. Click install, and it should appear on your desktop, or right-click on the desktop and go to gadgets and drag it out. These instructions are for Windows 7 only.]

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