Bing iPhone App getting update to fix issues

image If you still haven’t gotten the Bing App for iPhone, you should give it a try as soon as possible. It’s awesome. There have been reports of some issues with it, but the Bing team is actively identifying them and an updated is already in the works which will address all of them. The update will be pushed out to the App Store in the next few days for all iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The 3 issues reported with the app are:

1. Using voice search outside the U.S. crashes the app.

2. App doesn’t work on 1st generation iPod Touch.

3. No search results outside the U.S.

Over at the Bing blog, they have published a temporary workaround for 2 issues which is quiet simple to follow. On your iPhone or iPod Touch, Go to Settings > General > Internationalization and change your region format to United States. This will allow you to use voice search outside the U.S. without crashing the app and also show your search results. When the update is released you can change it back to what it was before.

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