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As expected,the iPhone app for Bing is finally out and its everything you wanted it to be. An official Bing app was already available for Windows phones, Blackberry and Sidekicks and now iPhone users can also enjoy Bing on their phones. The app mimics the feel of Bing’s website, featuring an image a day with its related trivia.

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Upon launching, the app asks permission to use your current location so it can optimize your search results. This feature can be very useful if you’re searching for nearby restaurants, malls, hospitals, accommodation etc.

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As speculated, the app has the voice search feature just like its predecessor apps for the Windows Mobile and Blackberry. You can perform regular web search or look for complex directions via this feature for a hands free experience.

bing maps

The mapping experience is very smooth and uninterrupted. You can swipe through step by step directions and their is a convenient zoom out button, incase you can’t pinch. The app remembers your most recent searches for your benefit. It will always start where you had left it and has a handy home button incase you want to start over.

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  1. I’m not sure why it’s crashing for you, I’ve had a really smooth experience on my iPod Touch 2G. Did you try restarting your iPhone, or if it’s jailbroken, freeing memory?

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