Updated Dropbox for macOS will not support external drives

The new Dropbox version with full support for macOS 12.5 or later is expected to release this May. However, it is found that the updated app would end support for external drivers. 

Before the release of the macOS Monterey 12.3 update in January 2022, Dropbox warned users that Apple had deprecated kernel extensions used by cloud storage services like itself and OneDrive and introduced a new API. This change caused issues with accessing online-only files but it appears there are going to be more limitations.


New macOS API ends support for Dropbox external drives

After Apple confirmed that both services were working on replacements for the functionality, Dropbox launched a new beta app for macOS Monterey and newer in later 2022 and announced that it would release the public version of the app this year.

Recently, the company listed all the expected changes coming to the service on macOS 12.5 or later which includes the end of support for external disks because all the data will be stored in a new location, ~/Library/CloudStorage.

Changing the location of your Dropbox folder is no longer supported by macOS.

  • Your Dropbox folder will be moved to ~/Library/CloudStorage.
  • Storing your Dropbox folder on an external drive is no longer supported by macOS.

Dropbox- macOS 12.3

In addition, the update will also end support for Photos Library and LAN Sync, and file types like .fcpxml (Final Cut Pro) and .logicx (Logic Pro), may not sync with macOS 12. But it will introduce a new file format called the flattened package. 

The company said it will update the dedicated “Expected changes with Dropbox for macOS” webpage as it continues to develop and improve the new app.

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