Apple deprecated kernel extensions used by Dropbox and OneDrive in macOS 12.3 beta

Even before Apple seeded macOS 12.3 beta, Dropbox had hinted at the upcoming build when it notified the users that its Mac app will not be fully compatible new macOS 12.3 update and if they choose to run the upcoming macOS version, they will face issues with accessing online-only files. 

Although Dropbox’s announcement alluded that Apple was going to make changes in the upcoming macOS version, it did not mention the exact cause of the issue. Now, Apple has confirmed why users of Dropbox and OneDrive are going to face issues with online-only files. 


Apple confirms Dropbox and OneDrive are testing the replacement of the deprecated kernel extensions in macOS 12.3 

The reason users of Dropbox and OneDrive will face issues with accessing online-only files on macOS 12.3 is that Apple deprecated kernel extensions used by the cloud storage services. MacRumors writes that:

Apple today seeded the first beta of macOS 12.3 to developers for testing. In the release notes for the update, Apple confirms that it has deprecated kernel extensions used by Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive and notes that both cloud storage services have replacements for the functionality currently in beta.

Dropbox- macOS 12.3

macOS 12.3 beta and iPadOS 15.4 beta also include the much anticipated Universal Control feature which is delayed by several months. The new continuity feature allows users to control their Mac and iPad via a single keyboard and mouse. In addition, users can also drag and drop files from across devices smoothly. 

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