Easiest Way to Install Android Froyo 2.2 on HTC HD2


HTC HD2 is one of my favorite phones when it comes to Windows Mobile. I like it because of its huge multi touch 4.3” screen. This phone can run Android as well with a dual boot hack.With the update of Android Froyo 2.2 people started wondering how to update it. Well, hackers have the answers as they have found a way to upgrade your Android OS on HTC HD2.

A quick and easy way to hack your HTC HD 2 was discussed on talkandroid. Here is the step by step guide to install Froyo 2.2 on HD2.

1) Find an SD card with 600MB of free space.

2) Download this file, unzip it and place the folder on your SD card.

3) Locate the folder via Windows file manager App.

4) Select the file named “CLRCAD”, then tap “Haret”. This applies sound fix and starts building Android OS.

It is the easiest method to install Android on your HD2, but it lacks one thing which is that it doesn’t have an efficient boot loader for switching between operating systems. This means that restarting your phone will result in doing the process over and over again.