Windows Home Server Vail August Preview Available for Testers – Brings Client Connector for Mac with Time Machine Support

Microsoft has released an August Preview refresh build of Windows Home Server ‘Vail’ which is their excellent home computers, data backup and network managements operating system. This release has lots of updates and good news for Mac owners. Not only does Vail support and improved look ( new green color scheme instead of the old blue ), a lot of features are being implemented along with a new client connector for Mac OS X. The server folders and hard drive portion in the Dashboard has also gotten a new summary tab.104[3]

Here’s the full list of features by Tom on Tech:

  • Ability to enable or disable Add-ins at will from within the Dashboard
  • Improvements to the Getting Started tasks
  • New color scheme for the Dashboard, Remote Web Access, and Connect Computer website
  • Client Connector for Mac OS and Time Machine support
  • Alert Viewer now allows for alerts to be organized based on computer name or severity
  • Server Folders and Hard Drives now includes a summary tab
  • There is now the ability to create a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to restore a client computer
  • Official support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Betas

Thanks to Mac support, I’m eager to give this build a try like many others, but there are a few known issues with this build that you must be aware of before giving it a try. Of course, there’s no way that you should try this build with your primary data backup server.

  • For users of a previous release of Vail, you will have to migrate data off of your test server to another PC or external storage device before reinstallation as Drive Extender has undergone more changes making DE drives from previous releases incompatible with the August preview.
  • There is a QFE available along with this build that addresses an issue where saving files to a Vail server may fail when a large amount of data is present on the server. It is advised that this QFE be installed immediately after installing Vail.
  • Storage Check and Repair is broken in this release, as under certain conditions, there may be data loss.
  • If a hard drive goes missing from the storage pool and you attempt to remove that missing hard drive from the storage pool, the removal wizard may inadvertently remove the wrong files from your server.

We Got Served have done a thorough review of the new features in the August Refresh, check it out here. Head on over to Microsoft Connect, if you want to download Windows Home Server Vail August Preview.20100815_09.59.44_thumb6_thumb48_thumb38466134111138

Images via We Got Served

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