iOS 4 Code Block Shows that CDMA iPhone and iPad 2 are in Field Testing

Rumors since the past few weeks clearly show that Apple is working on a CDMA iPhone for Verizon and which may launch early next year. To give more confirmation to all the rumors about Verizon iPhone, BGR showed a block of code  which allows the CDMA iPhone and iPad 2 to be activated automatically without iTunes.


BGR mentioned that one of their sources from Apple informed them about this. This block of  code is way down within iOS 4 and it queries the device to check if it is a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2. And if the device is one of these than the device will bypass iTunes and will be auto-activated.

Such a block of code has also appeared just before the launch of every iOS device which allows the device to be field tested by partners with simplicity. And of course, this code is always removed before the launch of the product.

[via BGR]

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