iAds Campaigns Slowed Down by Apple’s Full control

Just a few days ago, we reported that both developers and advertisers are happy with iAds as it is much more impressive in many aspects than other ad services. But still, Apple is learning the new system of their ads as today Wall Street Journal reported that iAds are off to a slow start and agencies are having problems dealing with Apple’s over-controlling nature.

iAdsAccording to Wall Street Journal, since the launch of iAds starting 1st July, Apple has been slow in rolling out advertisements. Apple had announced 17 partners for iAd but only Nissan and Unilever have done their ad campaigns in the month of July and Citigroup campaign started last week. Some other companies that have their started their campaign are Disney and JC Penney while rest of the partners are still waiting.

This slow progress is because of Apple’s tight control over the entire process that’s why the creation of ads has slowed down.

Of the 17 launch partners Apple named for iAd, only Unilever PLC and Nissan Co. had iAd campaigns for much of July. Of the remaining 17, Citigroup Inc., Walt Disney Co. and J.C. Penney Co. – which tied its campaign to the back-to-school-season – have since launched iAd campaigns and other companies are planning iAd efforts.

Part of the reason some marketers are experiencing delays in getting their iAds to market is that Apple has kept tight control on the creative aspects of ad-making, something advertisers aren’t used to, according to several ad executives involved with creating iAds.

The report further mentions that they are making ads in about eight to ten weeks which mean that Apple is spending two more weeks than the expected time to make an ad.

In order to fill the gap, Apple started “iAds for Developers” program that allows the App Store developers  to advertise their apps within other apps which allows users to download the advertised app directly from within the app. Apple has offered a big discount for app advertisements as previously they used to charge $2 per-tap and now they are taking 25cents every time a user taps on a banner ad for their application.

Apple is still in early stages of iAds and they are probably rolling out ads slowly because they want to do it perfectly. Those, whose ads have rolled out till now, look quiet satisfied with its results.

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