ECG iPhone 4 Case Lets You Monitor Your Heart! [Video]

Its called the iPhonECG case and as the name suggests, it actually monitors your heart! Lifetone Technology has developed this iPhone 4 case which turns it into an ECG device that can be used to monitor your heart rate and function. It does so with the help of a two removable skin electrodes which are attached at the back of the iPhonECG case. They capture the electrical activity of the heart and send it to the iPhone 4 for interpretation.


The case can be held in the users hand so that they touch the electrodes or simply it can be held against their chest to capture the activity of the heart. The information is wirelessly sent to the device where it is interpreted and displayed on a dedicated iPhone 4 app which has also been developed by Lifetone. Another app that works with the case is a heart rate monitor. Both these apps and the case will be revealed at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which begins in Las Vegas next week!

Check out the video demo of iPhonECG case below:

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[via Engadget]

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