Enlight Photofox is an amazing photo editor for iOS

Enlight Photofox is an amazing photo editing app for iPhone and iPad. The app supports editing with multiple layers, brushes, Darkroom style color editing, masking, filters, effects and other pro-level tools that designers and photographers love. The app has been developed by the Lightricks, creators of Facetune and Enlight, which won an Apple Design Award this year at WWDC and an App of the Year award in 2015.Photofox is sort of a Photoshop for modern devices i.e. smartphones and tablets. Using the app and its comprehensive toolkit, you can create such artistic masterpieces that others will not believe they have been done in a smartphone app. The app can be used to create content for social media, edit photos for portfolios and even edit artwork for professional usage.

The app lets you mix different images by blending them with effects, masking them and layering them on top of each other. There are also tools for you to write or draw on your photos. The amount of tools for color editing and filtering blow every other app out of the water. As if these features are not enough for advanced users, the app also supports RAW image editing with 16 bit image depth support. To get new uses started, the app takes you through a useful tutorial when you open it for the first time. Later on, when you use any new tool, you can always swipe down from the top of the app to find helpful tips to guide you. You can also check out their YouTube channel for new tutorials for different types of editing techniques.

The app is available for free in the App Store. However, you get a limited functionality version in which you can only use two layers at a time. To unlock unlimited access to all features and content, you have to purchase subscriptions which start from $3.99 a month. Annual subscription is discounted to $19.99 and you can just purchase the app for $39.99 to avoid monthly or annual payments. For an app that supports such amazing features, the price seems reasonable however, users (specially users of the original Enlight app) are not happy with this pricing structure. Don’t let the 2.5 star rating for the app in the App Store stop you from trying the app for free.

Enlight Photofox will surprise you at how powerful smartphone apps have become.

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