Ex-Apple employee shares images of the original 2007 iPhone assembly line

Apple’s best-selling device, the iPhone, has come a long way since its debut in 2007. iPhone 2G was a revolutionary piece of tech that changed the game for many companies and helped Apple pave the way in becoming the successful tech company it is today.

It’s always fun to look at how far the iPhone has come in terms of design, build, and manufacturing from its release nearly two decades ago. Recently, the company’s former Software Development Manager Bob Burrough gave us a glimpse inside the Foxconn factory in China that manufactured the original iPhone.

Ex-Apple employee shares images of the original 2007 iPhone assembly line

Apple’s former Software Development Manager shares images of the original 2007 iPhone assembly line

iPhone 2G was released in the United States in June. The device reinvented the standard mobile phone designs by eliminating most physical hardware buttons for its classic screen-based interface. Apple sold 6.1 million units of iPhone 2G before it was discontinued on July 15, 2008.

Burrough shared 4 images on his Twitter account with the caption “Photos from the iPhone factory, spring 2007.” these images were taken a few months after Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, known as iPhone 2G, to consumers.

The images document the production effort in the Foxconn factory in the months after the iPhone’s launch. Two of the images show rows upon rows of assembled iPhones, ready to be shipped off to retail locations.

Apple's original 2007 iPhone assembly line

One of the images shows the devices going through quality checks before being approved for shipping, whereas another image shows the workers who were part of iPhone 2G’s production line.

Apple's original 2007 iPhone assembly line

Bob Burrough is the same ex-Apple employee who, in 2017, said that Tim Cook turned Apple into a ‘boring operations company,’ by making it hierarchal. According to Burrough, the company was too focused on recurring revenue as was easier to grow the business this way than rely on the uncertainty of new product categories.

However, going into 2021, Apple’s powerful innovations and increased revenue have definitely proved Burrough wrong. Regardless, this brief look inside the production of a device that aided a new era of technology is pretty inspiring.

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