EyeTV 1.0.1 finally hits the App store


EyeTV app from Elgato has recently been in the headlines in the last week mainly because it allowed live TV streaming. If there were any doubts that the EyeTV app which was made available in the UK, US and Germany App Store was not the updated one, one can put all doubts aside. Because EyeTV 1.0.1 has hit the App Store. The main change which necessitated the need for this upgrade was ofcourse to fix the code that enabled live TV streaming over the 3G network, and Yes it has been fixed.

Besides this EyeTV 1.0.1 brings the following features:

  • Fixed a problem where audio would continue to play after leaving Live TV mode.
  • Fixed a crash after zooming and changing channels (requires iPhone OS 3.1.2.)
  • Accept iPod Best variants when streaming to the iPhone.
  • Fixed a crash in the EPG when scrolling past midnight.
  • Compatible with DVB and ATSC programming guide.
  • General performance and stability improvements.


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