When and What will Windows Mobile 6.5.1 bring

When and What will Windows Mobile 6.5.1 bring

It has been just a few days since Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5. At the time of launch, Microsoft made it pretty clear that it has already started working on Windows Mobile 7. With the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, there were also talks that there would be an update for Windows Mobile 6.5 which would probably get the name Windows Mobile 6.5.1.

While using Windows Mobile 6.5, one would probably have felt the need for an upgrade, an upgrade which would be speedier, sleekier and off course more touch friendly.

Since late August, various Windows Mobile builds numbered 23xxx and above appeared on the Internet. The people who used it were impressed by the improved Windows Mobile user experience. They raised a very important question that was Why couldn’t Microsoft include these improvements into Windows Mobile 6.5. Well that is history now.

There is no specific date as to when windows Mobile 6.5.1 will appear on the scene. Gut feeling is that it will be released soon .  Windows Mobile 6.5.1 when released would bring the following updated features:

  • Relocation of Start button and closed button in the lower toolbar thus making it more accessible.
  • Buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons¬† and other related controls will get a much needed graphical improvement in the form of modernized anti-aliased equivalents.
  • Pivot control will replace the Tabs and will be positioned at the top of the screen.
  • A new contacts application that is believed to be more touch friendly because of the increased button size.

When and What will Windows Mobile 6.5.1 bring


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