Facebook continues copying Twitter – Introduces hover cards for Facebook user names

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t copy Twitter anymore with all the data going public, Twitter like news streams and countless other things. they’ve now copied one of the most annoying features from the Twitter website: hover cards.

Hover cards are little pop ups you get when you hover your mouse cursor over a user name on the Twitter website. These show the bio and profile information at a quick glance and even let you follow/unfollow people directly from it. As useful as these may be, they tend to get annoying if you use the Twitter website as much as I do, because they keep popping up when you don’t want them to. Twitter hover cards

Facebook couldn’t stay far behind so here’s what they’ve come up with:Facebook

Since this is my own hover card, you can’t see the add as friend or send a message option. Here’s how they look like when you hover over someone’s name who isn’t your friend on Facebook:


Yup, the copying continues.

(I don’t know since how long this feature has been there as I’ve just recently seen it myself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems new to me.)

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