Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and other apps are down, globally and Twitter is on fire

Apps owned by Facebook Inc, are down worldwide. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps are not loading at the moment. There is not much information on what is the cause of the serve breakdown but this is not an isolated or regional issue, users around the globe are experiencing the same issue.

The issue has resulted in yet another entertaining Twitter trend. People are sharing life without popular social media apps via hashtag #instagramdown, #WhatsApp, and others.

Facebook, vanish mode

Facebook owned apps Instagram, WhatsApp and others are down, worldwide

The Independent reports that there has been no public statement by the company so far and this is a major server breakdown experienced by the company since 2019.

Facebook’s official “platform status” page, which tracks problems for developers, indicated that the platform is “healthy” and that there was no known issues.

Instagram and WhatsApp do not have their own devoted server status pages, though Instagram’s official Twitter account has occasionally posted about major outages. WhatsApp’s “status” account was once used to keep users informed about any issues but has not posted since 2014.

In March 2019, it was hit by the biggest technical issue in its recent history, as all of Facebook’s apps went down for more than a day. Such outages demonstrated the vast reach of Facebook, too: not only were all three of its own apps broken, but it also affected everything from its virtual reality platform Oculus to third-party sites that use its login tools such as Spotify and Tinder.

We will keep you posted on the latest development on the issue. But in the meanwhile, enjoy the insightful memes on Twitter, which is users’ current favorite platform to crib about their commonly used apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.


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